Job Posting: Machine Operator/Shop Technician

Salary: $25-$40/hr (depending on experience)
Job Type: Full-time Permanent (40-45hrs/wk depending on workload)

Established in 1996, Intricut is family-owned and operated by 2nd & 3rd generation tool & die makers. Our commitment to quality as a Precision Parts Manufacturer is what has attracted our clients to become repeat customers. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and we take quality seriously to ensure that our customers receive products which meet or exceed their expectations. We manufacture interesting components for all types of industries such as Power Generation, Satellite/Communications, Electronics, Automotive, Robotics, the Medical industry and much more!

Full Job Description - what we're looking for:

Strong work ethic and proven character - *being on-time, hard-working, motivated & dependable*.

Someone who has mechanical aptitude, good technical skills and can learn how to use our unique equipment.

Background and ability to reading blueprints and engineering drawings.

Proficiency with computers (i.e. - email, importing & converting CAD files, learning and programming our machines’ software programs). Knowledge and experience using Autocad or related softwares. (We currently use Mastercam, FlowPath, OmaxLayout & Design & Striker to program our machinery.)

Meticulous and willing to work to high degrees of accuracy *this is key for parts inspections and delivering high-quality parts.*

Capable of operating and maintaining machines independently (after training).

Someone who takes pride in their work and values organization as an integral means of being productive.

What we can teach you:

Machining operations on Flow Waterjet, Omax Micro Waterjet, IPG LaserCube Machine, Fanuc Wire EDM, CNC

Machining Center and CNC Lathe. (ANY experience with similar machines would be a great asset.)

Parts Inspection using our Keyence Optical Measurement Machine & Coordinate Measurement Machine.

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